Achieving a Natural Look Tips and Tricks

What’s the Deal with the Natural Look?

Hey there, beauty lovers! Welcome to my blog where I’m going to spill the beans on how to achieve that coveted natural look. First things first, let’s talk about what exactly that even means. When we say natural, we’re referring to a makeup look that enhances your features without looking too overdone or heavy.

Now that we know what we’re aiming for, let’s dive into how to prepare your skin for the perfect base. The key here is to start with a fresh canvas, so make sure you cleanse and moisturize your skin beforehand. Once that’s done, it’s time to move onto the makeup itself.

Here’s the thing about the natural look: while it’s supposed to look effortless, there’s actually a bit of technique involved. It’s all about using the right products in the right places, and blending until it’s seamless.

Once the makeup is applied, we can move onto the finishing touches. The final steps involve adding some warmth and glow to the skin with bronzer and highlighter, and of course, a pop of color on the lips.

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By the end of this post, you’ll be well on your way to nailing the natural look. Let’s get started!

Alright, let’s talk about the second step of creating a natural makeup look- preparing the skin. You know how important it is to have a smooth and hydrated canvas for a flawless look, right? But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Preparing the Skin

First things first, cleansing your face is crucial to remove any dirt, oil, and makeup residue that could clog your pores or affect the way your makeup looks. I recommend using a gentle cleanser suited for your skin type, and massaging it onto your face for at least 30 seconds before rinsing it off. For an extra deep clean, you can use a facial cleansing brush or exfoliating scrub once or twice a week.

Next up, moisturizing should be a non-negotiable step in your daily skincare routine, whether you have oily or dry skin. When your skin is hydrated, it keeps your makeup from looking cakey or flaky and helps it last longer. Choose a lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly into your skin and doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind. I’m currently using the Estee Lauder DayWear Matte Oil Control Anti-Oxidant Moisture Gel for my oily-combination skin, and it works wonders.

By now, your skin should be clean, smooth, and hydrated, ready for the next steps of your natural makeup look. Don’t skip these simple but effective skincare steps, and your makeup will thank you for it!

How I Apply Makeup for a Natural Look

When it comes to applying makeup for a natural look, it’s all about enhancing your features without going overboard. Here’s how I do it.


I start by applying a lightweight foundation that matches my skin tone. I like to use my fingers to blend it in for a more natural look. I make sure to blend it into my hairline and down onto my neck to avoid any noticeable lines.


To cover up any blemishes or dark circles under my eyes, I use a small amount of concealer and blend it in with my fingertips. I make sure not to overdo it, as too much concealer can look cakey and unnatural.


Instead of using a heavy blush, I opt for a subtle pink shade and apply it to the apples of my cheeks with a brush. I smile to locate the apples of my cheeks and blend the blush outwards in the direction of my ears.

Eye Shadow

To keep my eye makeup natural, I stick to neutral shades like taupe and brown. I apply the shadow onto my eyelid and blend it upwards towards my brow bone. For a more defined look, I use a darker shade in my crease.


Mascara is a game-changer for any natural makeup look. I apply one coat to my top lashes and wiggle the wand as I move it upwards, then I use a clean mascara wand to comb through any clumps. I usually skip applying mascara on my bottom lashes to keep it even more natural.


For a subtle glow, I use bronzer on my cheekbones, nose, and forehead. I make sure to use a light hand, as too much bronzer can make you look orange.


I apply a small amount of highlighter to the high points of my face, such as the tops of my cheekbones, brow bone, and Cupid’s bow. This gives me a natural glow from within look.


I finish off my look with a natural shade of lipstick or gloss. The key is to find a shade that complements your natural lip color.

Remember, less is more when it comes to creating a natural makeup look. Focus on enhancing your natural features and have fun experimenting with different shades and products!

Give Your Natural Look the Perfect Finishing Touches!

Alright, it’s time for the final steps to achieve that effortless, natural look. You want to avoid any heavy-handed makeup that will detract from your glowing complexion. Here are my tips for the finishing touches:

1. Bronzer

A subtle dusting of bronzer adds warmth to your complexion and helps to define your features. Remember to apply it to the areas of your face that naturally catch the sun – your forehead, cheekbones, bridge of your nose and chin. But go easy – a little goes a long way!

2. Highlighter

A touch of highlighter to the high points of your face will help to enhance your natural radiance. Sweep it lightly over your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, the cupid’s bow of your lips, and your brow bone. This is the perfect way to give your face that extra pop!

3. Lipstick/Gloss

For the final touch, add a touch of color to your lips with a natural-looking lip color or gloss. The key is to find a shade that compliments your skin tone, so try out a few options before settling on one. Keep it simple, natural, and playful – perfect for any occasion!

So there you have it – the essential steps for creating a natural look that will have you feeling confident and beautiful. Remember to always prep your skin properly, keep your makeup light and simple, and add just the right finishing touches to enhance your features. With a little practice, you’ll be a natural at achieving a natural look in no time!

Wrap-Up: All Set to Rock a Natural Look

Alrighty then, we have reached the end of this makeup tutorial. So, we have covered cleansing and moisturizing the skin thoroughly before applying the makeup to achieve a natural look. Start with a foundation that matches your skin tone to get a smooth finish. Use concealer to hide any blemishes and create an even complexion. Add some blush to give definition to the cheeks. Then apply natural-looking eyeshadow shades and a touch of mascara to enhance the eyes. For the perfect finishing touches, finish with a bronzer to add warmth to the skin, highlighter to amp up the glow, and some lip gloss or lipstick to complete the look. To achieve a natural look, keep in mind that less is more. Use only as much of the product as needed to achieve the desired effect. Do not overdo it with bright, bold shades. Stick with natural and subtle colors that complement your complexion. Also, be sure to blend well to prevent any harsh lines.Good-looking makeup lasts longer if you follow some tricks such as avoiding too much powder or applying less makeup on your oily face. In addition, choosing a spray topper or mist is essential, preferably one containing glycerin that sets your makeup without making it cakey. Finally, remember to give your face its own break from makeup from time to time. It helps your skin to breathe and stay fresh. If you follow these tips, you will be able to rock a natural look effortlessly and look fabulous while keeping your skin healthy and happy.

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